Monday 3 June 2024

09:00 – 13:00 – Tax Stamp & Traceability Seminar – International Tax Stamp Association (ITSA)

Join ITSA for a discussion on current developments and best practices in the world of tax stamp and track and trace systems for tobacco, alcohol, cannabis and other products subject to excise, customs and other taxes.

The seminar will include presentations from government tax authorities and solution providers and will be of especial interest to those authorities in the region looking to introduce tax stamp and traceability for the first time, or upgrade existing programmes. 

14:00 – 17:00 – Identity – The Emerging Behaviour of Fraudsters in the Modern World – The Obstacles in Future-Proofing Document Design

Michael van Gestel, Onfido (UK)

The digital revolution is here to stay. Consumers, and therefore governments and corporations, demand self-service, and with it, remote document authentication at scale. With recent advances in AI, fraudsters have access to better tooling, and limitless source material.

In this seminar, we will take a deep dive into the statistics and findings of Onfido’s 2024 Identity Fraud Report; in particular, the emerging behaviour of fraudsters in the modern world. We will look at the current methodology employed by organised fraud rings, the importance of document design in their approaches, and potential solutions.

09:00 – 17:00 – Currency – The Future of Cash

Led by Guillaume Lepecq, Cash Essentials

The debate around the evolution of money is primarily dominated by technology and the underlying assumption that the digitalisation of money is inevitable and desirable. Technology has been the main driver behind this digitalisation, and while it comes with undeniable benefits in terms of convenience and efficiency, it also generates high social costs.

The objective of this seminar is to broaden the discussion on the future of money. How can we create a monetary system which challenges the narrative of a future dominated by technological innovation? How can we create a future monetary landscape which improves inclusion, increases sustainability, reinforces resilience and protects privacy?

The seminar will focus on understanding the changing cash environment and what stakeholders are doing to optimise the cash ecosystem and ensure the future viability and sustainability of cash. It brings together all stakeholders to discuss new strategies for shaping the cash ecosystem of the future.

The seminar will address three key questions:

  • How can stakeholders – central banks, banknote printers, cash management companies, banks, fintechs… – contribute to shape a viable and sustainable cash ecosystem in an increasingly uncertain environment?
  • Is cash a public good? Or a basic right? If so, what are the policy implications in terms of access and acceptance, resilience and the funding of the cash cycle?
  • What can we learn for the global evolution of cash demand?

In addition, Round Table Conversations will offer the opportunity to debate the burning questions, ranging from declining transactional demand for cash; the need for a more resilient cash cycle in a multi-crisis environment or the loss of privacy in a less-cash environment. Participants will be invited to deploy their collective intelligence to assess and discuss some of the key challenges and opportunities facingExit Visual Builder the future of cash.

18:30 Welcome Reception

Tuesday 4 June 2024

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Session 1 – The Regional Landscape for Secure Documents



Astrid Mitchell

Reconnaissance International (UK)


Welcome Address

Sergio Henríquez

Casa de Moneda de Chile (Chile)


Casa de Moneda de Chile’s New Housenote 281

Ricardo Mendez

Casa de Moneda de Chile (Chile)




Servicio de Registro Civil e Identificación (Chile)


The Brazilian Identity Card

Ana Maria Costa Candido Lacerda

Ministry of Management and Innovation in Public Services (Brazil)

10:20 Session Q&A
10:40 Break – Refreshments

Session 2 – Regional Currency Developments

Session 2 – Regional Developments in Travel and Identity Documents


The Evolution of the Digital Counterfeiting Landscape: Value of the CBCDG

Jerome Martin

European Central Bank (Germany)


Circular Economy in Cotton Banknotes: New Possibilities, Expanding Life Cycles

Marcos Pereira

Casa da Moeda do Brazil (Brazil)

Alexandre Ambrozio Gilberti

Blendpaper (Brazil)


A Holistic Approach Towards the Future of Cash Centers, Vault, Mints and Administrative Buildings Design

Julián Mejía

PSI (Colombia)


From Paper to Polymer – The ECCB’s Experience

Rosbert Humphrey

Eastern Caribbean Central Bank


China Issued Commemorative Banknote for the Year of the Dragon

Ziyan Zhou

China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation (CBPM) (China)

13:00 Session Q&A


Document Advances in Latin America

Monica Peralta

Dirección National de Migraciones (Argentina)


The New Honduras Passport


Instituto Nacional de Migración (Homduras)


The New Bolivian ID Card


Servicio General de Identificación Personal (SEGIP) (Bolivia)


The New El Salvador National ID Card Scheme

Fernando Velasco

Registro Nacional de las Personas Naturales (El Salvador)


Where Art and Science Meet

Monika Kłysińska

Polish Security Printing Works (PWPW) (Poland)

13:00 Session Q&A
13:10 Lunch

Session 3 – Sustainability and Environment


Security & Sustainability – A Mutual Journey


Leonhard Kurz (Germany)


Green Cash: Exploring the Sustainability of Banknotes

Alexandra Peppmeier

G+D Currency Technology (Germany)


Key Drivers of Cash Cycle Efficiency

Javier Andino

CCL Secure (United Kingdom)

15:50 Session Q&A

Session 3 – Design & Security


Identity Documents: the Importance of Securing the entire Value Chain

Thomas Wendling

IDEMIA Smart Identity (France)


The New Slovene Biometric Identity Card – Major Step Towards Modern Digitalised Services in the Republic of Slovenia

Damjan Lukić

CETIS (Slovenia)


An Ideal Upgrade Path for Data Pages and Secure Documents

Richard Perera

Landqart AG (Switzerland)


The Importance of Securing an Identity Document From its Core.

Hildebrando Duran

Linxens (Germany)

15:50 Session Q&A
16:10 Close of Day One
16:30 Extended Exhibition Viewing


18:30 Gala Dinner

Wednesday 5 June 2024

Session 4 – Substrates and Features


Nanofabrication of DOVIDS for Protection of Banknotes and Identity Documents

Robert Dvorak

IQ Structures (Czech Republic)


Security Feature or Decorative Element?

Manfred Heim

Papierfabrik Louisenthal GmbH (Germany)


Launch of Nanoswitch™: One Small Step for us, One Giant Leap for the Banknote Industry

Jan Hofmann

Hueck Folien GmbH (Austria)


Latest Security Thread Technologies

Camille Cossec

Oberthur Fiduciaire (France)


Moving Forward in Banknote Security

Philippe Montelimard

IN Groupe (France)

Pamela Alba

IN Groupe (France)

10:40 Session Q&A

Session 4 – Digital Identity and Travel Credentials


Digitalisation of Argentine’s National ID Scheme

Flavio Brocca

Registro Nacional de las Personas (RENAPER) (Argentina)


Guyana’s Digital Transformation with Veridos’ ID Cards

Rolando Colchado

Veridos (Germany)


Trends in Electronic ID – What to Expect in the Coming Years

Ksenia Egorova



Harmonizing the Skies: Navigating Global Standardization and Regulatory Challenges in Digital Travel Credentials

Tintyava Markov

HID Global (UK)


What Will Passports Look Like in 20 Years?

Pablo Jury

Thales (France)

10:40 Session Q&A
11:00 Break – Refreshments

Session 5 – Production & Print


100 Years of Excellence – Power to the Print

Phil Holland

Komori Corporation (Japan)


ESCHER®: A 3D Intaglio Revolution

Michael Alexander Baur

Orell Füssli Security Printing (Switzerland)


Banknote Design Today, New Possibilities

Barna Barabas

Jura JSP (Hungary)


Elevating Printing Excellence Through Skilled Instructors and Technical Support

Virginie Lang

SEPRINTO (Switzerland)

13:00 Session Q&A

Session 5 – Fraud and Anti-Counterfeiting


Standardisation as a Control Measure and Quality Guarantee


Brazilian Society of Forensic Sciences (Brazil)


Facial Morphing – How to Protect Against It

Ivan Parakhonka

Regula Forensics (Latvia)


Are Physical, Hybrid, or Digital Documents More Secure?

José Manuel Duarte Ulloa

Chilean National Police’s Crime & Fraud Laboratory (Chile)


Security Image Register – The Next Frontier for OVD Copyright

Micaal Sidorov


13:00 Session Q&A
13:10 Lunch

Session 6 – Technology & Innovation


Dynamic Images: a Methodology to Objectively Assess OVDs

Ernesto González Candela

UnderCurrency (Mexico)


Simple and Unconventional Methods to Detect Perfect Security Feature Emulations of Banknotes

Mario Alvarez Cordeiro

+LATINA Seguridad Documental (Argentina)


Neurocash® in the Cash Cycle

Miguel Vicente

Banco de España (Spain)

15:30 Session Q&A
15:40 Closing remarks and drinks

18:00 HSP Football