Monday 14 March 2022

09:00 – 12:30 SustainabilityReducing the Environmental Impact of Cash

Sustainability has become a high profile topic for good reasons. This seminar will look at what producers of cash and coins and what cash management stakeholders can do to reduce the environmental impact of their operations and the cash cycle. The aim of these talks, given in a workshop format to allow discussion and exchanges of views and information, is to share best practice and to provide examples which others might want to consider doing. They will include what has been done, and with what results, and how the organisations approached making these changes.
Given the role of central banks in shaping the environment and setting the agenda for the cash industry, there will also be a panel discussion with central banks about the priority they place on sustainability, their ambitions for it and the changes they would like to see.

Wherever you are on your journey to sustainability, this session aims to give food for thought about new opportunities to do things differently.

09:00 – 12:30 Identity Seminar – Digitizing Identity: Benefits and Risks Highlighted by the Current Regulatory Landscape

In this interactive workshop we will provide the context of international remote identity verification and will compare and contrast different global approaches and how they impact user experience, fraud detection and document design.

This session is designed to bring together specialists from different fields to brainstorm problems and present their proposed solutions. All of the attendees will focus on distinct problems and highlight their insights for the benefit of all the participants.

13:30 – 17:00 Security Printing Seminar – Design and Production of Security Documents through Digital Print

This workshop will provide an introduction to high-end digital print equipment  and their use for security documents. It will offer information, guidance and a critical overview on the specification and design of documents incorporating digital print, as well as practical insights in to setting up and using the systems. The workshop will be invaluable to security document issuers, designers and printers.

Digital printing technologies are finding an ever-increasing role in the production of secure documents, particularly in areas that require low setup costs and the individualisation of documents with unique or sequential features. This is seeing the development of digitally-specific security print design features. What are they and how do you incorporate them in to your security document?

Before adopting digital printing for your secured documents you need to consider not just the positives but also the negatives, which include the lower resolution and the limited range of inks available compared to traditional printing. It’s also true that this technology is widely available – which, naturally, doesn’t lend itself well to security printing.

This workshop will examine the pros and cons of using sophisticated digital printers  for secured documents, with a review of digital security inks, feature design software, printing hardware and real-life applications. It will also take a big-picture look at the opportunities and threats arising from these printer developments.

The workshop will then feature presentations from equipment and software suppliers and security printers already offering digitally printed documents, to ensure that you get clear, detailed and practical information on the possibilities and options of using high-end digital systems for security documents.

All those registering for this seminar will receive a complimentary printed copy of Reconnaissance’s new publication Printing Beyond Colour: Commercial Innovations for Security Print, worth £200. This 60-page review offers informative technical analyses of latest generation inks and digital printing techniques and how these could be adapted and applied to the security world.

13:30 – 17:00 ITSA Seminar – Best Practices for Tracking and Tracing Excise Products

Hosted by the International Tax Stamp Association (ITSA), this seminar will explore the growing widespread use of traceability systems on excise products and how their integration with secure and independent tax stamp programmes have led to increased tax revenues and the countering of illicit trade in various countries worldwide.

In particular, the seminar aims to stimulate discussion and offer best-practice recommendations with regard to the impending WHO FCTC Protocol and its requirement for parties to implement global and secure track and trace systems on tobacco products by 2023. In the Latin American region alone, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Panama and Uruguay are all parties to the Protocol and are therefore obliged to implement such systems, so this discussion will be of particular interest to them.

The seminar is open to revenue and customs authorities, concerned NGOs and academics, along with ITSA members.

18:30 Welcome Reception

Tuesday 15 March 2022

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Session 1 – The Regional Landscape for Secure Documents



Astrid Mitchell

Reconnaissance International (UK)


Welcome Address

Alejandro Alegre

Banco de México (Mexico)


The New Mexican Passport

Omar Lares

inetum (Mexico)


Printed Biometric Digital Security in the new INE Credential

Francisco Javier Pérez Muñoz

Hubox (Mexico)


Covid Resilience and Printworks Update

Alberto Torfer

Banco de México (Mexico)

10:20 Session Q&A
10:35 Break – Refreshments

Session 2 – Regional Currency Developments


Question or Demand: Responding to the Voice of the Customer

Pamela Alba

Crane Currency (Sweden)


Launch of new Housenote: 279 Years of History Looking to the Future

Ricardo Mendez Barrera

Casa de Moneda de Chile (Chile)


Challenging Convention: The Bahamas CRISP Evolution $50 and $100

Sean Pemberton

Canadian Bank Note (Canada)


The United States Secret Service Counterfeit Currency Processing Facility and Recent Counterfeit Trends

Carla Rupert

US Secret Service (USA)

12:25 Session Q&A

Session 2 – Digital Credentials


Digital Credentials in Brazil: the Future is Now?

Narumi Pereira Lima

Narumi Brazil Police (Brazil)


The Impact of the Pandemic on the Issuance of Secure Documents

Monica Peralta

Dirección National de Migraciones (Argentina)


Mühlbauer Digital Identity

Thorsten Senne

Mühlbauer (Germany)


eDL – Electronic Driver´s License – From Mere Permit to Standardized Secure Identification Document

Jorge Adrian Rosas

Infineon (Brazil)

12:25 Session Q&A
12:45 Lunch

Session 3 – Design and Production


Integration and Transition in Banknote Production

Phil Holland

Komori (Japan)


Banknote Security as a Complete System

Karl Strasser

G+D (Germany)


Making Central Banks Free Again

Hervé Guillerey

K&B Banknote Solutions (Switzerland)


An introduction to NPA and its Approach to Polymer Banknote Design

Pilar Ruperti

Note Printing Australia (Australia)


Nanoengineered Optical Security Features for the Protection of Banknotes

Petr Franc

IQ Structures (Czech Republic)

15:40 Session Q&A

Session 3 – Border Controls


Case Study: Evaluation of Intercepted Counterfeit US Driver Licenses

Elaine Wooton

DHS/ICE/HSI Forensic Laboratory (USA)


Secure Documents v’s Secure Process: Where Does Fraud Start? Colombia Case Study

Francis Goossens



The Manufacture of Passports and Identity Documents

Luis Vidales

Otto Kuennecke (Germany)


The Colombian ID

Didier Chilito

Colombia Registraduría Nacional (RNEC) (Colombia)


Passport Data Pages: Paper, Polycarbonate, or Something Different?

Antonio Riccio

Landqart (Switzerland)

15:40 Session Q&A
16:00 Close of Day One
16:30 Extended Exhibition Viewing


18:30 Gala Dinner

Wednesday 16 March 2022

Session 4 – Substrates and Features


Bioguard™: Boosting Antiviral Banknote Protection

Jérémy Boizieau

Oberthur (France)


Rolling Star I+ and Communication with Security Elements

Dr Manfred Heim

Louisenthal (Germany)


How to Secure the Next Generation of Banknotes

Montse Maqueda

De La Rue (United Kingdon)


Moov™ Series from Surys

Nathalie Vast

Surys (France)



Ian Smith

LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Co. KG (Germany)

10:40 Session Q&A

Session 4 – Substrates, Features and Secure Docs


Digital Security Printing

Barna Barabas

JURA (Hungary)


Fighting Against Counterfeiters – Cutting-Edge Overt, Covert and Fused Features for Document Security

Dr Ravi Adhikari

Angstrom Technologies (USA)


Advanced Holography used for PC Data Page Protection

Petr Franc

IQ Structures (Czech Republic)


Innovative Optical Technology Dedicated to Security Document Authentication

Cédric Pruche

SICPA (Switzerland)


BeyOND CARDS – neobond® Solution Toolbox Supporting UN SDG 16.9

Christian Drissler

Lahnpaper (Germany)

10:40 Session Q&A
11:00 Break – Refreshments

Session 5 – Securing Currency and Payments


Sustainability: Taking Action Together

Gustavo Ascenzo

CCL Secure (Australia)


Green isn’t Just a Pretty Colour – Introducing Sustainable High-Security Inks

Gerben van Wijk

Luminescence Sun Chemical (UK)


Waste Disposal System with Green-Line-Concept

Pascal Rebeaud

Hunkeler Systeme AG (Switzerland)


Closing the Cycle

Veronica Esponda

WTG Water Treatment (Austria)

12:50 Session Q&A

Session 5 – Verification / Fraud / Examination


Enhanced ID Verification/Authentication in the Touchless World

Arif Mamedov

Regula Forensics (Latvia)


Fighting Secure Documents Fraud

Tonie Pereira

THALES (France)


Designing Credentials to Combat Fraud and Facilitate Authentication

Leonardo Urrea Corredor

IDEMIA / Document Security working group, Secure Identity Alliance (Colombia)


Discover how SURYS has Accompanied the Mexican Government in the Achievement of its Polycarbonate ePassport Transition

Camille Cossec

Surys (France)

12:50 Session Q&A
13:10 Lunch

Session 6 – Sustainability


“Utopian Dual”, a Connected Banknote prototype for Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

Michael Alexander Baur

Orell Füssli Ltd. Security Printing (Switzerland)


NanoCast™: The Printing of Instant and Variable High Security Optical Images

Dan Lieberman

Holomex/Nanografix (Mexico)


SPARK Flow®: Stepping into Uncharted Territory

Yadira Sierra

SICPA (Switzerland)


Commemorative Banknotes – Quick Path from R&D to Actual Use Cases

Monika Kłysińska

PWPW (Poland)

15:20 Session Q&A

Session 6 – Mobile Identity


Milestones in a Successful Mobile ID Deployment

Jorge Castrillo

HID Global (USA)


Empowering the Citizens with Mobile ID Open Standards

Andrés Ramírez

GET Group (USA)


New eID Projects Issued in Pandemic Era – Strengthening the Potential of Physical IDs and Their Digital Usability

Radosław Śliwa

PWPW (Poland)


Smartphone Readable Security Features and What we can Learn from their use in Other Markets


Arylla (USA)

15:20 Session Q&A
15:40 Closing remarks and drinks

18:30 HSP Football