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2023 Review

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Nassau – a Spectacular Setting for HSP Latin America 2023

Nassau, the Bahamas was the spectacular setting for the 10th HSP (High Security Printing) Latin America conference, which welcomed over 240 delegates from 118 organisations and 38 countries, over half from Latin America and the Caribbean.

As seen in many previous years, Latin America is an attractive and evolving market with many developments in both currency and identity documents along the coastlines of the Caribbean and Pacific.

Following the completion of the Bahamas’ new CRISP Evolution series back in 2021, Nassau seemed like the natural choice to locate this year’s HSP Latin America. Indeed, the event was originally scheduled to take place two years ago, to coincide with the completion, until COVID got in the way. 

The conference opened with two seminars, one of which was run by identity verification solutions provider Onfido focusing on document fraud in an online environment and the challenges organisations deal with when trying to authenticate documents remotely.

The second seminar, titled ‘Fighting Counterfeiting and Adulteration of Documents and Banknotes’, was run by Regula Forensics and provided an introduction to forensic sciences and the classification of research items related to documents and currency, along with a study of the specialty of criminalistics in this field.

The main programme was opened by Derek Rolle, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the Bahamas (CBB), welcoming delegates and providing an introduction to the country and its environment, and the role of the central bank in its economy.

Presentations followed from the CBB on highlights of its currency programme and changes across the most recent family of banknotes, and from  Landqart (the substrate supplier for the higher denominations  and platinum sponsor for the event)  on durability and creativity when developing new note series and how it pushed the technological boundaries for the new Bahamian series. The Brazilian Ministry of Interior closed the session with a presentation on the new Brazilian ID documents.

The programme then split into separate currency and ID tracks, with the currency sessions covering Regional Currency Developments, Production and Print, Substrates and Features and Sustainability and the Environment.

In the first currency track, delegates heard from the Central Bank of Bolivia on how its new series has brought down counterfeiting levels and from the Bank of Mexico on ‘what comes next’, specifically the work undertaken after issuing the new G series (which it completed in 2021). The Bank is now focusing on the automation of counterfeit analysis and the study of raw materials, features and technologies through its Methodology for the Analysis of Security Features, or MEAS (which it described in detail). This methodology is being applied to the development of a contingency feature (a micro-optics stripe), which it aims to have concluded by 2024 with the launch of a new housenote.

CCL Secure also spoke on the facts behind polymer, with an emphasis on sustainability and examples of successful recycling strategies in Costa Rica and Mexico, both of which are recycling 100% of their end of life polymer banknotes.  

A further presentation from the CBB, meanwhile, looked at the experience to date of the Sand Dollar, a digital version of the Bahamian currency and the world’s first Central Bank Digital Currency.  It is early days still, with take-up low, but the CBB has a number of initiatives in the pipeline to increase adoption, including integration with  government offices so that the Sand Dollar can be used for payments, the development of a functional offline solution and a roll-out in the many islands that make up the Bahamas through community visits and seeding Sand Dollar wallets through giveaways and promotions.

The second currency session, on Production and Print, looked at the implementation of lean manufacturing strategies at the Bank of Mexico to increase productivity and standardise processes given increase demand for banknotes in the country.

Canadian Banknote spoke on the topic of ‘embracing choice’  (it was another key supplier for the new Bahamian series) and the innovation that was generated through partnership with other suppliers.

Delegates also heard from Seprinto about the pros and cons of new versus refurbished banknote printing presses, whilst De La Rue’s presentation focused on a celebration of polymer notes in the Caribbean, having in the last few years created new series on SAFEGUARD® for Trinidad and Tobago, the East Caribbean, Barbados and, most recently, Jamaica.  A particular emphasis was made on the designs and features in the notes for the visually-impaired, given the high incidence of adults with vision loss in the region.

A fascinating session on Substates and Features saw presentations from Oberthur Fiduciaire on its new micro-optics thread Pulsar, combining colour shift and dynamic effects; from Hueck Folien on holographic stripes (with special examples featuring Caribbean marine life); from IQ Structures on its use of artificial intelligence to assist (but not, it was at pains to point out, replace) hologram designers;  from SURYS on its new generation of plasmonic features based on nano-structures for windows in polymer notes; and from PWPW on the commemorative note recently launched on polymer to celebrate the life of the renowned Polish astronomer and inventor of the heliocentric theory, Nicolas Copernicus.  

The fifth session switched to Sustainability and the Environment, with presentations from Louisenthal on combining sustainability, durability and security in banknotes through its Green Banknote initiative, and from Hunkeler on sustainability in the banknote destruction process.  

BlendPaper of Brazil took delegates through its work on recycling banknote waste, in a project named Tran$forma, in partnership with Casda da Moeda do Brasil and the Equipa Group. A specially developed process transforms pre- and post-processing residue into pulp which can be made into specialty and security papers, packaging and, in the near future, banknote paper as well.  

Jura, meanwhile, focused on environmentally friendly intaglio printing solutions, in particular its new S-DLE (Steel Direct Laser Engraving) technology, which it described as a showstopper. Tests have shown that the new material and process dramatically  speed up the platemaking process, reduce costs and benefit the environment by doing away with galvanic chroming, all without any loss of quality.

Over in the ID track, the first session was on recent developments in passports. It  included presentations from Argentina’s National Directorate for Migration on challenges in document issuance, Brazil’s Society of Forensic Sciences on counterfeit and falsified Brazilian passports, Casa da Moeda do Brasil  on the design and development of the new Brazilian passport and Veridos on the recently introduced Costa Rican ePassport.

The following session focused on design and security for travel and identity documents with presentations from HID Global on the design of Estonian and Bahraini ePassports, Argentina’s National Registry on the use of AI in authentication of both physical and digital documents and Thales on the next generation ‘Phygital’ experience in identity.

Substrates and features were the focus of the next ID session on the second morning. The UK’s Luminescence Sun Chemical opened the session with a paper on securing documents using security inks, which was followed by a paper from the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Safety on virtual asylum ID document pilot, whilst the Austrian State Printing House explored the use of biometric barcode to secure documents and El Salvador National Registry of Natural Persons spoke on the latest developments in the country’s national identity scheme.

The final ID session saw four presentations on document fraud and anti-counterfeiting. This included a paper from IDEMIA on how colour portraits in polycarbonate documents help prevent forgery; HSI Forensic Laboratory of the US Department of Homeland Security on document fraud trends along the southwest border in El Paso, Texas; a presentation from Mexico’s Department for Protection of Documents and Forensic Sciences on the latest trends in document counterfeiting in Mexico; and a paper from Chile’s Criminalistic Laboratory on methods fraudsters use to alter government-issued documents in Chile.

The final session of the conference focused on technology and innovation, with fascinating presentations from the Bank of Spain titled ‘Neurocash – a New Way of Designing Cash’, a methodology to measure how humans behave when interacting with a banknote; from Casa de Moneda Chile on innovative security labels for vehicles; and from Landqart on bringing physical documents into the digital realm by printing a secure code inside the substrate (Durasafe Certify) and linking this with the code on the finished document so that the document, object and owner can be authenticated visually and digitally.

A specialised exhibition of over 40 companies was held alongside the conference sessions, providing delegates with an opportunity to see the latest industry products and solutions.

Other highlights of the event included the conference dinner in the beautiful gardens of the Grand Hayat Baha Mar and the presentation of the prestigious Regional Banknote and Regional ID Document of the Year awards.

Awards were made in several categories for this year’s Banknote awards – Best New Banknote, for which there were two winners, and Best New Series – with Argentina, Guyana and Barbados all receiving recognition. 

For the ID awards, there were winners in all three categories – Best New Passport, Best New National ID Card, and Best New Other Security Document. This year, Brazil, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Bahamas all received recognition, with two of them getting a joint award.

Concluding the awards ceremony, a special Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Harald Klint, of Colombian security agency Imaprok, and among the best-known figures in the industry, particularly in the region.

On the final evening Reconnaissance organised the HSP volleyball match which was as competitive as expected, with all players giving it their best performance.

Reconnaissance is now shifting its focus to the HSP Asia event, which takes place in Colombo, Sri Lanka from 4-6 December. HSP Latin America 2024 will be going to Santiago, Chile in June.

Highly pleased with the presentations, very professional when publicising their products and services masterfully. You have met the expectations of the CBH.

Central Bank of Honduras

First time at HSP Latin America, most of the presentations were really good, got to know a lot of providers and colleagues from other companies. A really fun but informative conference. We willl be coming back!


Personally it was an amazing experience! I really loved the diversity of very interesting conferences. The organisation was on point and even the food was amazing. Cant wait for the next one.

Banco Central de Costa Rica

Excellent turn out of Central Banks, Very good organisation of space, booths and conference rooms. Very good app. Negative was the food at gala dinner.M. One AG

M. One AG

Typical for HSP Latin America is the presence of many issuing banks and institutions covering both south and middle America and the capability to communicate in Spanish. For this we met our target contacts.

PNO Global

Up-to-date subjects and good content. Good agenda and excellent dinner and party on Tuesday night. I enjoyed not only seeing old friends and acquaintances, but also finding new opportunities to improve my plant with what I saw and learnt about, such as up-to-date processes and new ideas.

Central Bank of Colombia


AdvanIDe Americas


Afghanistan Revenue Department


Andrews & Wykeham Ltd

United Kingdom

Angstrom Technologies, Inc.


Antigua and Barbuda Transport Board

Antigua and Barbuda





Baldwin Vision Systems


Banco Central de Honduras


Banco Central de la República Dominicana

Dominican Republic

Banco de España


Banco de Guatemala


Banco de México


Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas


Banknote Corporation of America


BlendPaper Security


Border Force

United Kingdom

Brazilian Society of Forensic Sciences


Canadian Bank Note Company


Carabineros de Chile, Laboratory Criminalistic “LABOCAR”


Casa da Moeda do Brasil


Casa de Moneda de Chile


CCL Secure


Central Bank of Bahamas


Central Bank of Bolivia


Central Bank of Chile


Central Bank of Costa Rica

Costa Rica



Corit International


Crane Currency


Currency Research

De La Rue

United Kingdom

Drewsen Spezialpapiere GmbH & Co. KG






Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, UAE

United Arab Emirates

Formas Inteligentes


Genco Cia Ltda


GET Group


Giesecke + Devrient


Gleitsmann Security Inks


Grafica Latina S.R.L.


GWT Gesellschaft für Wasser- und Wärmetechnik GmbH


HID Global



United Kingdom

HSI Forensic Laboratory


Hueck Folien GmbH


Hunkeler Systeme


IAI industrial Systems – part of HID










Integrated Biometrics


Intelident S.A.


IQ Structures

Czech Republic



Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions SA


Komori Corporation


LABOCAR Criminalistic Laboratory of Chile






Luminescence Sun Chemical Security

United Kingdom

Luminochem Kft.


M. One AG

United Kingdom

Magallanes Media S.A.




MEMBRAFLOW Control Systems


Ministry of Interior, Brazil


Ministry of Justice and Safety, Netherlands


Mint of Finland




National Department of Immigration Argentina


National Institute of Criminalistics, Federal Police Department


Oberthur Fiduciaire



United Kingdom

Orell Füssli Ltd. Security Printing


Österreichische Staatsdruckerei


Otto Kunnecke


OVD Kinegram


Papierfabrik Louisenthal








Polish Security Printing Works (PWPW)




Printex Corp


Protection of Documents and Forensic Sciences (CSIPD&CF)


Registro Nacional de las Personas



El Salvador

Regula Forensics


Royal Canadian Mint


Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering


Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan (RMA)


Security Fibres

United Kingdom

Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited (SPMCIL)




Seprinto & Partners


SPM – Security Paper Mill

Czech Republic

Stardust Materials






Thomas Greg & Sons Mexico


Valid Soluções






WTG Water Treatment GmbH


A great location for a great conference. Seminars are very specialised and interesting.


Good event organisation! Good space for exhibitions! Very few potential clients from the state sector. I liked it! I would participate again.


Fantastic event, a lot of new market opportunities.



For attendees only, password protected. Contact if you didn’t receive your password.

Monday 5 June 2023

09:00 – 12:30- Identity Document Fraud in an Online Environment – The Challenges of Digital ID Verification

Michael van Gestel & Rizlane Chertah, Onfido (UK)

With the digital revolution of the 21st century, millennials, governments, and corporations have increasing requirements for self-service, quick and reliable document authentication remotely and at scale. The revolution is upon us and fraudstershave access to better technology, leaked data and a vast library of faces from social media.

This workshop will focus on the challenges global organisations deal with when trying to stop targeted attacks in a document not-present environment. During this interactive workshop we will share some of the latest fraud rings we have detected and the results of our research that can help you make better informed decisions regarding document authenticity in an online environment.


13:30 – 17:00 – Fighting Counterfeiting and Adulteration of Documents and Banknotes

Juan Manuel Padron Primo & Carla Guardia, Regula

This session will cover and introduction to Forensic Sciences and classification of research items related to documents and bills, along with a study of the specialty of criminalistics in documents and bills.

The seminar will share practical cases of authenticity or originality, to establish the origin of the document, resolved through its protocol and validation with forensic technology. Ink analysis (ink discrimination, blank signature abuse and relative dating), to establish alterations in the document, resolved through its protocol and validation with forensic technology and handwriting analysis, to establish the graphic origin of manuscripts, rubrics or signatures in the document, resolved through its protocol and validation with forensic technology.

18:30 Welcome Reception

Tuesday 6 June 2023

Hover on the presentation title or speaker to see if more information is available.

Session 1 – The Regional Landscape for Secure Documents



Astrid Mitchell

Reconnaissance Intl (UK)


Welcome Address

Derek Rolle

Deputy Governor, Central Bank of the Bahamas


Promoting Public Confidence in Bahamas Banknotes

Brett Lashley

Central Bank of the Bahamas (Bahamas)


Durability and Creativity go Hand in Hand

Richard Perera

Landqart (Switzerland)


The New Brazilian ID Documents

Eduardo Lacerda

Ministry of Management and Innovation in Public Services (Brazil)

10:20 Session Q&A
10:40 Break – Refreshments

Session 2 – Regional Currency Developments


Issuance of the New Family of Banknotes and Reduction of Counterfeiting of Banknotes in Bolivia

Claudia Fabiola Soruco Carballo

Banco Central de Bolivia (Bolivia)


What’s Next – The Work Undertaken After Issuing a New Series

Roberto Gazelem Rosas González

Banco de México (Mexico )


The Facts Behind Polymer

Javier Andino

CCL Secure (Australia )


Central Bank Digital Currency Experience – the challenges, success and the road ahead

Shaqueno Porter

Central Bank of Bahamas (Bahamas)

12:40 Session Q&A

Session 2 – Regional ID Developments


Resolved Situations, Pending Issues and New Challenges in the Issuance of Documents

Mónica Peralta

Dirección National de Migraciones (Argentina)


Passport Security, Evolution and Frauds

Narumi Pereira Lima

Brazilian Society of Forensic Sciences (Brazil)


The New Brazilian Passport

Millie Britto de Oliveira Delorme Azevedo

Casa da Moeda do Brasil (Brazil)


Costa Rica’s New Biometric Passport

Rolando Colchado

Veridos (Mexico)

12:40 Session Q&A
13:00 Lunch

Session 3 – Production & Print


Implementation of Lean Manufacturing Strategies to Increase the Banknotes Printing and Processing Productivity

Alejandro Sanchez Gonzalez

Banco de México


Embracing Choice – The Power of Partnership

Spencer Mandy

Canadian Bank Note (Canada)


Overhauling and Modernisation of Printing Presses – the one-stop-shop of Security Printing Experts

Virginie Lang

Seprinto & Partners (Switzerland)


A Celebration of Polymer in the Caribbean

Gareth Evans

De La Rue (UK)

15:50 Session Q&A

Session 3 – Design & Security


Design – Estonian and Bahraini ePassports

Jorge Castrillo

HID Global (USA)


Securing Electronic Identity Documents in the Quantum Era

Jorge Adrián Rosas

Infineon (Germany)


Construction and use of Digital Tools that RENAPER offers to the Public and Private Sectors to Verify the Authenticity of Physical and Digital Documents using AI

Flavio Brocca

Argentine National Registry (Argentina )


Next Generation ‘Phygital’ Experience in Identity

Pablo Jury

Thales (Chile)

15:50 Session Q&A
16:10 Close of Day One
16:30 Extended Exhibition Viewing


19:00 Gala Dinner

Wednesday 7 June 2023

Session 4 – Substrates and Features


Pulsar™ threads, a dynamic response to the threat of counterfeiting

Jérémy Boizieau

Oberthur Fiduciaire (France)


A Journey of Holographic Stripes from the Pyramids into the Reef

Jan Hofmann

Hueck Folien (Austria)


Artificial Intelligence in Hologram Design and Processing

Robert Dvorak

IQ Structures (Czech Republic)


Polymer Windows: When Light Meets Technology for Excellence in Security

Camille Cossec

SPS/Surys (France)


A Visual Journey through the Life of Nicolas Copernicus on Banknotes

Monika Kłysińska

Polish Security Printing Works (Poland)

10:40 Session Q&A

Session 4 – Substrates, Features and Secure Docs


Inspiring Confidence in Latin America

Gerben van Wijk, Gerben van Wijk

Luminescence Sun Chemical, International Tax Stamp Association (UK, UK)


Pilot Virtual Asylum ID document Netherlands

Alex van Duuren

Ministry of Justice and Safety, Netherlands (Netherlands)


Austria The Secure Document Biometric Barcode (SDBB)

Jorge Carvalho

Austrian State Printing House (OeSD)


Onboarding Solutions for ID verification and Authentication

Carla Guardia Malaga

Regula (Latvia)


Modernisation and Scope of the El Salvador Unique Identity Document

Fernando Velasco

El Salvador Unique Identity Document (El Salvador )

10:40 Session Q&A
11:00 Break – Refreshments

Session 5 – Sustainability and Environment


The Essential Components of Banknote Solutions: Sustainability, Durability, and Security

Holger Funk

Papierfabrik Louisenthal (Germany)


Sustainability in the Destruction Process of Banknotes

Pascal Rebeaud

Hunkeler Systeme AG (Switzerland)


Circular Life Cycle for Cotton From Banknotes Back into Paper

Alexandre Ambrozio Gilberti

Blend Paper Security (Brazil)


Environment Friendly Intaglio Printing Solution

Barna Barabas

JURA (Hungary)

13:00 Session Q&A

Session 5 – Verification / Fraud / Examination


Colour Portraits―The Best Choice to Prevent ID Document Fraud.

Leonardo Rojas

IDEMIA (France)


Fraud Trends Observed Along the Southwest Border in El Paso, Texas

Hillary Hoover

HSI Forensic Laboratory (USA)


How Document Security is Falsified and Violated

Francisco Elias Bartolo Sanchez

Protection of Documents and Forensic Sciences (CSIPD&CF) (Mexico)


Methods of Adulteration and Counterfeiting of Public Documents

Prof José Manuel A. Duarte Ulloa

LABOCAR Criminalistic Laboratory of Chile

13:00 Session Q&A
13:20 Lunch

Session 6 – Technology & Innovation


Neurocash – A New Way of Designing Cash

Miguel López

Banco de España (Spain)


Making the cash cycle fit for the future

Matias Wolfer

Gieseke + Devrient (Germany)


Third Number Plate is Now a Reality in Chile

Ricardo Mendez Barrera

Casa de Moneda de Chile (Chile)


The End of Stone Age in Identity Protection

Robert Dvorak

IQ Structures (Czech Republic)


Bringing Physical Documents into the Digital Realm

Richard Perera

Landqart (Switzerland)

16:10 Session Q&A
16:30 Closing remarks and drinks

18:00 HSP Beach Volleyball

The event is of a very high quality, the information and customer care have been very good. Speakers are very skilled and the information they provide is very important.

Judicial Authority, Costa Rica

Excellent!! Taking part in this conference we have found very good presenters in each development. Furthermore, we fed on information with regard to the role of security and public documents in technology and fewer formats.

Treasury Department, Paraguay

A great mixture of intense presentations. Just the music at the Gala Dinner ended too early. 🙂

Hueck Folien


See our dedicated Awards page for the Regional Banknote and the Regional ID Document of the Year

Fantastic location! Amazing insightful content. A great opportunity to network with professionals in the industry.


The event has met my expectations and has even provided me with very useful information to be more careful in the implementation of security in the Tax Department. It is also a good event to meet interesting suppliers in the security industr

Directorate General of Internal Taxes – Dominican Republic

Congratulations. Good organisation, and brought together excellent professionals who have passion in banknotes and documents. And we always discover the developments in new technologies.



Thank you to our 2023 Sponsors and Exhibitors


Many thanks to the following sponsors and exhibitors for taking part in our wonderful exhibition running alongside the conference:

Platinum – Landqart

Diamond – Canadian Bank Note Company, IDEMIA

GoldCCL Secure, De La Rue, Formas Inteligentes, GET Group, Oberthur Fiduciaire, Polish Security Printing Works (PWPW), Security Fibres Ltd, THALES

Silver – Baldwin, Giesecke+Devrient, Gleitsmann Security Inks, Hueck Folien, Jura/Parvis, Luminescence Sun Chemical Security, Mühlbauer, Veridos, WTG Water Treatment GmbH

Exhibitors – ELYCTIS Sas, Evolis, HID Global, IN Groupe – Surys, Infineon, IQS Structures, Luminochem, MaskTech, PETREL, Regula, SELP, SEPRINTO, SPM – Security Paper Mill, Stardust Secrued, UAE Federal Authority