The Central Bank of Barbados was awarded the Best New Series prize for its new family of polymer banknotes introduced in 2022.

The notes, in denominations of 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 Barbados dollars, were designed and printed by De La Rue on its SAFEGUARD polymer substrate. They retain the key motifs of the previous series, but have a vertical rather than horizontal layout, larger portraits and a cleaner, more modern look.

The security features include the highly reflective ARGENTUM™ on the three lower denominations, and a holographic stripe with depth effects which are visible on both sides of the note on the three highest denominations

All notes feature GEMINI™, a print feature that reveals itself under light, and embossed tactile marks for the visually impaired. The reverse of the series is brought together by a satellite image of the island of Barbados being printed in part on each banknote. This forms a complete image across all six denominations when the notes are placed together, the outline of which glows when placed under UV light.