The second joint Best New Passport award went to Costa Rica for the new biometric passport designed and developed by Veridos together with partner GSI Sertracen and the government.

Costa Rica embraced the modernisation of its passport in 2021, just as the nation reached the 200-year anniversary of independence from Spain.

The new passport illustrates the values of the country, showcasing four important facets: biodiversity, renewable energy, education and peace, and talent. These are represented in a series of motifs showing plants, animals, ancient monuments, and other elements that are unique to the country’s different regions.

The passport’s pages feature more than 60 security features, including holographic effects, microtext, security threads, intaglio, latent images, relief patterns, multiple laser images, and flipbook animations – some visible to the human eye, others not. But some of the most innovative elements sit within the passport’s main data page. Taking advantage of the properties of polycarbonate, the new Costa Rica data page features multiple laser-engraved images including a transparent portrait window and a holographic strip. The technical feat of creating a bright, clear image on polycarbonate was achieved through the use of Veridos’ innovative CLIP-ID technology. It is the first country in the region to implement polycarbonate colour photo with CLIP-ID technology.

The passport is now ICAO compliant meeting the high standards of the International Civil Aviation Organisation for travel documents.