The Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina is currently replacing the images of flora and fauna on its existing notes, introduced in 2016, with national heroes. The new 1,000 pesos, which has been unveiled and will go into circulation later this year, features one of its best known historical statesmen, José de San Martín, who played a major role in winning independence from Spain and bringing freedom to his native Argentina in 1812 (and is often referred to as the Homeland Father). He also won independence for Chile (1818) and Peru (1821).

The key security features of the new note are a 4mm wide RollingStar® i+ thread (the latest iteration of the company’s micro-mirrors technology) on the front, and SICPA’s SPARK Flow®. The thread features the Flame effect, representative of the votive flame which evokes the spirit of José de San Martín, and BRCA is incorporated as Cleartext, along with magnetic properties for machine readability. The SPARK feature is also in the shape of the votive flame. The colour shift of both are a matching gold-to-green.