Fighting Secure Documents fraud

Making the best use of the Security Features

The Document Security and Personal Identification markets face an increasing multi-facet fraud scenario as, day after day, fraudsters develop new techniques to forge and to cyber-attack documents and to bypass the existing security systems. To them, vulnerability means opportunity.

This multi-facet fraud situation comes from two main streams: document-related and non-document-related fraud (identity theft, look-alike cases, etc.). Fraudsters will do all it takes to forge a document by creating fakes from scratch, covering the photo with a fake one or changing components or parts of the document to reach their goal. “Document fraud is an important enabler of organized crime and terrorism.” (Former Europol Director Rob Wainwright).

It is our job as technology and solutions developers and providers to build the best portfolio possible and to educate our clients on how to enhance their document security by choosing and combining these technologies and security features wisely, creating an attractive design that will represent the country’s culture and make fraudsters’ life harder.

The challenge is simple: to work together for the common cause of keeping our world and families secure.