KINEGRAM DYNAMIC® is the new lens-based level one optical security technology for banknotes from KURZ.

Striking depth and movement effects are combined with multiple prominent colors to provide immediate and obvious public recognisability.

Furthermore, KINEGRAM DYNAMIC® can be combined in the same foil element with the well-known diffractive metallic KINEGRAM®. This means that two highly advanced security technologies are present in the same feature on the banknote, putting an insurmountable barrier in the way of the counterfeiter.

Available as a patch or as a stripe on paper notes, and over a window if desired, KINEGRAM DYNAMIC® offers a high degree of flexibility to the banknote designer.

KINEGRAM DYNAMIC® is incorporated into the banknote production process on typical existing machinery either at the papermaker or at the printworks.

This new offering from KURZ provides a major expansion in the possibilities of microlens-based technology.