Standard optical features available on the commercial market fail to meet the high counterfeit robustness and supply chain integrity and accountability required for organisations and governments.
Benefiting from its expertise in protecting majority of banknotes around the world from counterfeiting, SICPA brings extensive experience and innovative technologies to the domains of document authentication, excise revenues management, product and brand protection, supply chain verification, and forensic analysis.
Among the latest portfolio of cutting-edge technologies is the optical security solution OPALINE®. OPALINE® is a range of visually appealing public features characterised by colour changes that are highly visible to the naked eye. When fully reflected, the optical OPALINE® feature displays multi-colour effects and intense contrasts. When integrated in transparency, it takes a vibrant iridescent appearance.
The appealing optical attributes and IP protected technology are achieved through four interlocking security components: patented UV-curing varnishes, specific printing configuration, customised design and industrial knowhow.
The colour-changing feature can be optimally integrated on gravure-printed or flex-printed tax stamps, secure labels and other security documents on coated papers or synthetic substrates, ensuring the highest visibility and counterfeit robustness despite format constraints.
Ideal for use on excisable goods and brand goods, the aesthetic and security potential of OPALINE® can be optimised and combined with machine-readable technologies to offer multiple authentication levels for different stakeholder targets. Optimal feature visibility and counterfeit deterrence can be achieved through the support of a team of design experts with global exposure in feature integration on currencies and governmental documents