Holomex has now developed “NanoCast™”, a new banknote security technology that prints variable holograms with variable holographic data in-line on your own press.

With “NanoCast™”, you will create a unique overt/covert diffractive identifier for each banknote which allows instant authentication with a smartphone app.

This is made possible thanks to a unique process involving a special ink and creasing mechanism. These two features, combined with high resolution imaging systems, create complex three-dimensional photonic structures with variable images and diffractive and holographic effects which contain variable covert encrypted holographic information.

With NanoCast™ you no longer need to outsource high security features for your banknotes and face the risk of supply shortages plus long lead times. All you have to do is add a “NanoCast™” module to your press and set up a holographic data base. With this in place, you are all set to produce innumerable security features at a level of counterfeit deterrence that is second to none.

Until today there were no technologies capable of creating instant variable holograms and encrypted holographic data in your actual printing press. Because of NanoCast™, it is now possible, allowing for higher security, faster output and more affordable than outsourcing holograms.