Colourshift, micro-optics and holographic technologies have been the three major technologies used to secure banknotes for decades. As the technology has progressed the product formats expanded beyond threads to stripes, patches and printed features. The technologies adapted for polymer substrate and there is a trend towards more features per banknote. Over time paper banknotes have evolved from typically having one thread only to also having applied and/or printed features in the same note. Polymer banknotes have evolved from primarily having the secure window to also have printed and applied features. The more advanced security features offer security benefits and greater complexity compared to those on the equivalent technology platforms 20 years ago. This increasing complexity also comes with design challenges – banknotes need to be economic for secure manufacturers to produce with specialised equipment and knowledge. Banknotes also need to be intuitive when it comes to authentication. This presentation will talk about security of the next generation of banknotes from a technology perspective and a design perspective.