For the security of banknotes a Central Bank not only needs secure features that can be detected on different opportunities during the cash cycle. It is also important that the security features work for the whole lifetime of a banknote and provide reliable information and signals. Therefore, not only the right selection of security features is important, but also a complete and reliable quality control along the complete production chain of a banknote. Especially in the area of Level 3 features systems, G+D has set the standard for banknote security.

As the technology leader, G+D continuously innovates the functionalities of its systems. Enhanced capabilities, anti-counterfeiting, efficiency or robustness: Everything that matters at Level 3 is permanently checked and improved. G+D’s M-Feature systems can adapt to the Central Bank’s needs and it can be added even into a running banknote series.

The M-Feature® is the most powerful and flexible Central Bank security feature. The invincible barrier for counterfeiters.

No matter which functionality a Central Bank prefers, there’s an M-Feature® solution for it. Whether printed, embedded or both, whoever is printing and whatever high speed machines are used for processing, the M-Feature® just works perfectly. The sensors perform consistent authentication and generate sorting efficiency for all banknote conditions.