NECS is the Regional Master Distributor for the IXLA Laser Printer Systems. Headquartered in Italy, IXLA is a leading manufacturer of high-end laser printers to produce Secure Identification Cards and Personalized Individual Documents.
New England Computer Solutions (NECS) offers Advanced Technology Solutions across many industries to provide authentic Secure IDs for the public and private sectors. A sampling of our product offering includes Government Credentials, Valid TSA and Airline Personnel IDs, Driver Licenses, and Corporate Access Cards. We also provide Identification Cards for Law Enforcement officials, First Responders, Healthcare Workers, Education employees and students.

The IXLA / NECS-RMD strategic partnership is a cohesive infrastructure team of mechanical, electronic, and laser experts and software engineers. The IXLA brand has received wide notoriety by Governments and large Corporations for being at the forefront in providing a secure solution for the Information and Communication Technology sector.

IXLA’s main goal is to develop proprietary internal modules, software, and hardware for the laser-source to significantly reduce the integration time for new developments. By producing its own core components, IXLA is better able to meet design requirements and supply demands of its customers, including the level of security, card production output, and secure issuance to the end-user community.