Elyctis is an expert in secure physical and digital citizen identity, which develops innovative hardware devices and software applications to enable government and citizen sovereignty.

Created in 2008, Elyctis specializes in the development, industrialization, production and marketing of fixed and mobile readers, and software, dedicated to Secure Identity Documents (e-passport, e-ID card, e-driver license, …). Elyctis has customers in more than 50 countries worldwide using its products in a wide variety of applications:

– Government ID issuance and delivery to the citizen,
– Elections ID verification
– Citizen rights enablement,
– Border control
– Hospitality industry,
– Banking and finance,
– Know Your Customer (KYC),
– etc.

Elyctis sells its products through its network of distributors and systems integrators, to whom it provides development kits to facilitate the use of its readers and software.

Recognizing the sovereignty of citizens on their own identity, Elyctis strongly believes that the combination of chip security with scanning technologies allows to build secure, reliable, easy-to-use and cost-effective reading solutions for ID documents.