Chile’s new drivers licence is due to be issued next year. A national database is being created, and a new central production system is being put in place to replace the 240 or so existing enrolment and issuing centres throughout Chile to eliminate duplication and fraud, and enable licences to be checked and verified in real time.

Key objectives of the programme are to provide licences with full traceaiblity, to integrate and harmonise the systems of all the different municipalities, to ensure secure issuance and to increase durability.

The polycarbonate licence has a ten year lifetime and incorporates a number of new features. These include complex backrounds, guilloche images, microtext, UV ink and laser personalisation.

The image of the holder is partially covered with a Kinegram, over which a relief laser printed feature is applied to provide tactility. In addition to the personal data and unique ID and serial numbers on each licence, they also – unsually – include a QR code to enable quick validation in the field by, for example, traffic officers.

The award was received by Francisco Mandiola, CEO of Casa de Moneda de Chile