The quality of entries for the Best New Passport category was so high this year that it seemed unfair to have to decide between the top two entrants – so it was agreed to make this a joint award.

The first joint Best New Passport award went to Brazil for the new passport designed and developed by department of Federal Police, the Brazilian State Mint Casa da Moeda and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Brazil has many cultural and natural resources. Its people, traditions, fauna and flora are well known, and appreciated across the globe. The project represents the country’s identity by honouring the most outstanding icons from all states and biomes throughout the passport pages. The team’s goal was to allow each citizen to feel represented and to learn about the great natural and cultural diversity of the country.

The new passport integrates a suite of security features including latent images, OVI, 3-colour Orloff intaglio print, bicolour UV-fluorescent security fibres, tri-colour UV-fluorescent sewing thread, UV-fluorescent security thread embedded into chemically sensitive paper, electrotype and mould made watermarks, as well laser perforation and a holographic security laminate on the datapage. Each passport page features a different design both in print and watermarks illustrating Brazil’s biodiversity. This is the first major redesign since the booked was last redesigned over two decades ago.