The winner of the Best New National ID Card was THALES for its work on the National Record System Transformation in Honduras.

This programme was established to enhance citizens identity security with improved ID cards to prevent identity theft and also to establish a trust framework for interaction with various government services for Hondurans.

Thales was awarded the Honduras National ID card project, which was procured and financed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNPD) for the Honduras National Registration Office (RNP). The scope of the project was to provide 5.9 million national chipless polycarbonate ID’s along with the personalisation of 5.5 million IDs.

The laser engraved polycarbonate card contains three levels of security features including a DOVID hologram, changeable or multiple laser images, optically variable and UV fluorescent inks, microtext and barcode – providing a deterrence against the existing problem of fake IDs in Honduras.