National-Electronic-ID-Card-DNIe-400The Regional ID Document of The Year aims to promote the best in security printing, system infrastructure and implementation of a government passport, identity or other security card scheme.

Registro Nacional de Identificación y Estado Civil (RENIEC) introduced a national e-ID card in 2013 as part of Peru’s move to greater e-government development.

The Documento Nacional de Identidad electronico (DNIe) is a polycarbonate card featuring a cryptographic chip, which contains the personal information of the individual. It also integrates two digital certificates for authentication and digital signature, including a biometric fingerprint.

This enables the card holder to certify their identity electronically, enabling them to access e-government services more conveniently – with only a computer, smart card reader and internet connection – and sign electronic documents remotely. The card can also store information to access other services such as banking, education, health and taxation – and may be used in future to enable citizens to vote electronically from home.

The card integrates a series of physical security features including a map of Peru printed with optically variable ink, a hologram, micotext and design guilloche pattern – while data security conforms to international ICAO standards.

As part of a campaign to raise awarness in Peru of the need to register children at birth, RENIEC issued the fictional children’s character Paddington Bear with his own ID card.

The award was accepted by RENIEC.

The award judges comprised the Board of Directors of Reconnaissance International, the conference organiser, publisher of ID & Secure Document News and joint publisher of Currency News. Nominations were sought from the high security printing community and, for future awards, this community will be invited to take part in the process of shortlisting winners as well.