One is the 200 lempira commemorative note issued last September by the Central Bank of Honduras (albeit that this is a new denomination, so it has become de facto a circulation note).

Honduras is known for its rich biodiversity and natural resources, which is reflected on the reverse of the note, showing two scarlet macaws (the national bird) flying over the UNESCO-listed Río Plátano Biosphere. The main image on the front of the note of children reading denotes the importance of education, which is seen one of the one of the fundamental pillars for the development of the nation

The 200 lempira note is the first in the world to feature a registered Galaxy thread with different and precisely positioned windows. When tilting the banknote, a change can be observed in the upper and lower windows from a bell, to 200, and vice versa. The middle window incorporates an image of a parchment and quill, and all three windows contain a dynamic circle that seems to move beneath the surface. Between the windows, the letters BCH can be viewed in transmission. The green-to-azure colour shift matches that of the SPARK feature.

The note was produced by Giesecke+Devrient and thread and paper by Louisenthal.