Guatemala 20 quetzales, which is the first ever commemorative note to be issued by the Bank of Guatemala.

The note is vertically oriented on the front with themes relating to the country’s independence, and in a landscape format on the back, with a quetzal bird (after which the currency is named, and which appears on all the country’s notes).

The main overt security feature is a 5mm wide Galaxy thread with a double effect. When tilted horizontally, the thread displays an animation with a circle, embodying the number 20, moving up and down. But if the note is used in vertical format, ie. the same as the print orientation, it flips image from 20 to a quill. In both orientations it features colour shift from magenta-to-green.

This note was also produced by Giesecke+Devrient, and the thread and paper by Louisenthal.