The Best New National ID Card award this year went to the National Registry of Natural Persons of the Government of El Salvador for the recently introduced Unique Identity Document (DUI) used to identify all Salvadorans both inside and outside its borders. In addition to serving as an identification document, the card is used to vote in municipal or presidential elections as well as gain access to various government-provided services.

In 2021, the government of El Salvador signed a contract with Mühlbauer to introduce a new ID card with multiple laser image (MLI), which carries the laser engraved birthdate and portrait of the cardholder. The new DUI is issued through a biometric personalisation and identification system that uses state-of-the-art technology making it highly secure. The personalization process is based upon the MB Alfresco® technology, a combination of laser engraving and inkjet printing for the portrait of the owner. Made of polycarbonate and integrating 37 security features, which minimises the risks of forgery or alteration, the new DUI is a highly resistant, durable and ecological document.

Mühlbauer also extended the physical card into a mobile ID, implementing the MB Steel Reader app, which holds the information of the physical document. The information can be shared with institutions in private and public sectors electronically. The new hardware to enable the digital changes also comprised self-enrolment kiosks distributed all over the country.

The national system now comprises multiple enrolment, personalisation and issuance offices across El Salvador and includes mobile enrolment facilities for citizen who are unable to attend of the enrolment centres. In addition, several dozen El Salvadorian consulates in the USA and Canada have been equipped to process applications and issue National ID Cards to El Salvadorian citizens.